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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pre owned shoes VINCI RM45

Chic and stylish.Like new.Worn 2 times .Slight scratch.Original price RM59.
Contact 013 952 1559.

Pre owned shoes VINCI RM55

Worn 3 times. MInor scratch on left shoe. Original price is RM79. Size 5.Very sexy and good condition.
Contact 013 952 1559

Pre owned shoes VINCI RM 45

Worn 3 times. Like new .Size 5. Original price RM59.
Contact 013 952 1559.Thank You.

Pre owned shoes VINCI SIZE 5 RM 45

Worn 2 times .Original price is RM59.90. Very good condition.Very sweet too..

pre owned nose shoes RM 45

Worn 2 times. Original price is RM59.90. Very nice and good condition. SMS 013 952 1559.Thank you.