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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baju kurung moden BKM002 - RM 20

Never worn it. Very nice manik-manik dekat tangan sweet

Baju kurung moden BKM001 - RM 10

Size S...comel...

Baju kurung hijau BK002

Size S. Nice n comfortable

Baju kurung batu BK001 RM 10

Closet clearance...good condition

Sweater stripes SS004 - RM 10

Just nice for you...come on and grab it for only...RM10..

Cardigan kuning CY003 - RM 10

Never been worn. Too tight...but ain't it cute?

Sweater peach SP002 - RM20

Worn once..putting on weight...:( strechable...sweet ...very nice.

Blouse hitam putih BB002 - RM 10

Nice and comfortable. Closet clearance.

Sweater pink SP001 - RM10

Rarely worn.So sweet for college students

Blouse hijau BH001

Worn once. Good condition.Closet clearance.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pre owned shoes VINCI RM45

Chic and stylish.Like new.Worn 2 times .Slight scratch.Original price RM59.
Contact 013 952 1559.

Pre owned shoes VINCI RM55

Worn 3 times. MInor scratch on left shoe. Original price is RM79. Size 5.Very sexy and good condition.
Contact 013 952 1559

Pre owned shoes VINCI RM 45

Worn 3 times. Like new .Size 5. Original price RM59.
Contact 013 952 1559.Thank You.

Pre owned shoes VINCI SIZE 5 RM 45

Worn 2 times .Original price is RM59.90. Very good condition.Very sweet too..

pre owned nose shoes RM 45

Worn 2 times. Original price is RM59.90. Very nice and good condition. SMS 013 952 1559.Thank you.